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Perfect Paws offers

Celebratory Worship Service, the third Sunday of each month, from 5 to 5:30 p.m., that welcomes all faiths and household animals. With Live music! Paper Animal Prayers -- from all over the world, by email -- for those animal friends unable to attend because of temperament or illness, geography, or those that are deceased.  Veterinary Companioning for people whose animals are ill, facing surgery or euthanasia. Pet Loss Bereavement Counseling by our certified Pet Bereavement Counselor. Certified Therapy Dog Teams through Dog B.O.N.E.S. Therapy Dogs of MA, for comfort and support at schools, libraries, hospitals, etc. Happy Readers Dog Tutors program for young, beginning or reluctant readers. Therapy Dog Certification Workshops Annual Blessing of the Animals, at Endicott Park, Danvers, a beloved tradition for the entire community of the North Shore. • Read about our Pet Ministry Therapy Dogs  
For many humans, our animal companions are true family to us, and yes, they even have the ability to inspire us into being better people. Their purity and honesty, their loyalty and steadfastness, their patience with us, and forgiveness of our foibles -- their unbridled capacity for joy and play and love -- and their ability to live fully into the moment -- remind us about the life that we all should strive to live. Through this unique ministry at All Saints Episcopal Church of the North Shore, Danvers, MA, we share a commitment to respond to God’s call to be of use to others, and to care for all of our animals and for all of creation. On the third Sunday of every month, at 5 p.m., our half-hour worship service  -- with music -- features the warmth and vibrant ministry of the Rev. Marya DeCarlen, as she shares with us the wonder of Spirit and the blessings of all of God's creation. We invite you and your much loved animal companions to this sweet ministry -- safe, welcoming, authentic -- where we pray, sing, and share community together; honor life gone before us -- through prayer for animals who have died or those facing the end of their earthly existence -- and to lovingly and prayerfully encircle humans who mourn and seek comfort for their animal losses, and to cultivate a sense of gratitude for all animals that enhance our lives and our world.
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Be ready for a soul-stirring half-hour service together. It’s a rich time to support one another in love and loss and memory. After the service, each animal receives a species appropriate treat! Shop Amazon for everything from pet supplies to music, videos, books, housewares and help us earn extra dollars. Go through our Amazon Affiliates site. Thank you!
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